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CyberControlClient.exe (v15.0.0.7 alpha or v16.0.0.0 or newer).

  • As is meant to be primarily but not exclusively a kiosk management app (there is home customers using its anti-porn/logging/TeamViewer/etc. features for childrens/teenager safety, where the client connects to the main FlulpyCrea Server (for easyness setup), or an in-home-server). So, this is the client side, when time runs out (contracted time or per day PC usage preset-time), if set, it will place a blank/black (or photo viewer) form covering the whole screen, (later turn off the PC for power saving), when covering the screen it gain the focus, and lock the user in this blocking screen, so it hooks the keyboard only at that moment, to disable any key that can forward the focus elsewhere. Windows don’t support “Temporarily disabling keys” without restarting the computer for aknowledging the changes (example: Windows Registry methods or policy methods), which is not desirable, overall because the computer’s disk is frozen (deepfreeze software or others), and can’t forward “settings” over a reset, not to mention the time wasted.
  • It has built-in the human-being controlled side of a “TeamViewer” like functionality, streaming yeld enough for LAN usage only and very low FPS (like 2 or 3 fps), and just for the desktop surface, it can’t do most games.
  • It also has anti-porn based on captions.

Flulpy.exe (v16.0.0.0 alpha).

  • It has extra services for customer (like social network chat, account profile edit, remote savegame storage in server (as local PC is frozen), rockola), Also has the cyber control console, and the human-being controlling side of the “TeamViewer” like functionality.

We hope nobody confuse our genuine software with something else.